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The idea in some leftist circles that all oppression based on gender, sex, race, etc. is just a byproduct of class struggle, and that once class disparity is solved, all those issues will vanish
"John thinking racism will stop existing after the revolution is a display of class reductionism"
by nddragoon July 17, 2020
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Class reductionism is the epithet cast by cafe liberals on actual revolutionaries who understand that class struggle must be the foremost revolutionary struggle. Typically used by Twitterati and (insert identity politics faction here) Studies majors.
Pat reconsidered their accusations of class reductionism when the armed cis males freed them from their life of drudgery in some cubicle farm serving capital.
by DeuilEtoiles March 02, 2021
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The idea that class-based oppression should be the foremost concern among revolutionaries, with things like gender, race, sexual orientation, etc, taking a back seat until 'after the revolution.' For the most part the term is used as a pejorative by liberals against socialists and materialists, rather than being advocated by anyone.
"Bernie Sanders disappointment with Hillary Clinton's failure to secure the support of white working-class voters in the 2016 presidential election was a grotesque display of class reductionism, cultural insensitivity, racism, sexism and homophobia"
by Santos D January 18, 2019
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