Clasher Definition: Humans that act/are rude, stupid, violent, trashy, hateful, cocky, egotistical, &/or self-centered.
Clashers is a slur for humans because they're so stupid & brute like that they don't know anything else other than how to clash rocks together.
by LBundy13579 July 10, 2019
Someone who likes patterns and/or colors that clash or are opposites.
Red on blue, yellow on green, fuchsia on pink

How are you going to paint your house?

Well, I'm a bit of a clasher...
by Mangactor December 31, 2010
A woman who has sex with another woman by rubbing their vagina's together
by NSP81 April 20, 2007
When two females are in the sexual act of scissoring and a male attempts to penetrate in between that sexual act
Bro bro bro, last night I caught Lori and Heather scissoring and I tried to Bermuda gear clasher that shit
by Oh not that guy November 20, 2019