like saying "Yeah! Let's do it!"
do you want to go to the party?

"Si Claro!"
by smackthat34 February 2, 2010
To make things clear. To define it clearly. This definition is defo not claro. Made popular in urban culture by the trend setters and haters Desus & Mero.
"Yo boy came on the tv and made things claro" - Mero from the "Desus & Mero show"
by NoNamesMyDude March 28, 2018
Claro is the most bestest person you can ever meet. They're nice, sweet, amazing, and funny. He will always be there for you and sweep you off your feet. Claro can be the most unique name.. Or well to me. And I'm so happy I found my only Claro a.k.a my shoe<3 I love you babe muchi <3 Love Your Glasses.
~8-27-13~ <3 I love you Claro
by TheOneAndOnlyGlasses December 8, 2013
To be eternally sad and do nothing to help yourself.
What a Claro, he hasn't ate in a week.
by Me baby, ME September 3, 2006
person 1: "Hey can you give me ride later?" person 2: "Por claro.. just give me a call."
by nycubanb April 13, 2007
Clear lemon. Your parents didn't like you too much if you were named this. The person named this must be a jerk, a wife beater, acts like a man-white and has serious anger problems along with no manners and must be somewhat Hispanic because claro limón is Spanish.
Dude, that guy is a total jerk. He's a real claro limón.
by racer4640 January 2, 2015
This is a Portuguese man who fancies Paulina and used to fancy Austeja. He also hangs around with fat emos. He gets his lube from taco grease and shoves polish sausages down emo fanny
Person 1: Michael, are you Paulina's shag partner?
Michael Claro: I sure am!
by david123-123 September 20, 2021