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A small private university in the state of New York about 5 hours north of civilization. While some consider us a prestigious institution, we accept about 77% of applicants (the remaining 23% were accepted to SUNY Canton) which makes us one of "those" colleges. Despite these facts, our mostly male student body has a level of cockiness and arrogance that is unmatched to anything in this cold dark god forsaken area of New York State. We often look down at the neighboring students of SUNY Potsdam, even though their acceptance rate is about 63%, as if we went to an ivy league school. The sad thing is, our tuition (over $50k a semester) is comparable to an Ivy League school's tuition. The only difference is; you have all heard of the ivy league schools, no one has heard of Clarkson University. While our rich parents were not rich enough to get our dumb asses into a better school, they are rich enough to send us to Potsdam NY to suffer in the cold weather, as punishment for bringing them great shame.
Harvard Student: Hey bro! I'm so excited, I got accepted to a really good school!

Clarkson Student: I bet my school is better, I just got accepted to Clarkson University. (with pinky up)

Harvard Student: HA!
by Patrick Bateman IV November 26, 2015
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A place in where there is an unbalanced guy to girl ratio. But a private university where engineers and business majors strive. Our Hockey teams are phenomenal. Our rival SlU is the more preppy pretend high class version of what Clarkson has to offer. At Clarkson we are more academic then slutty.

Go Golden Knights!!!
When you come to Clarkson University your guaranteed a job.
by supriseme October 17, 2010
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A university that strives to be number one in trumping St. Lawrence University. However, it is only known for its hockey and dissing St. Lawrence University because people do not know about Clarkson outside of Clarkson alum. May be a good engineering school, but lacks the broad minded thinking that students of a liberal arts school has.
You are totally a hockey bumb! That's totally Clarkson University!
Cluckers unsophisticated techies antiSLUserawesomeness engineers
by kiyanvehve December 15, 2010
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An easy engineering school to get into, which people consider a good school because grads get jobs. Made up of 70 percent guys and 90 percent nerds and rednecks.
“I go to clarkson university
Wow that’s a good school

“Not really it has a 70 percent acceptance rate and I haven’t seen a girl that’s over a 6 in a month”
by Dirty dan 69420 January 05, 2019
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