When a man sticks his rod into a woman and she clamps down on his shaft until he finishes forcing him to give her children.
Tommy didnt want to have kids but when he was about to pull out the whore was clamping down
by white nigga September 12, 2016
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To pursue a female (see def. slosher) generally younger than you in hope of having sexual relations.
clamp down - "Wallis clamp down on that slosher"
by Bosh Hendo June 4, 2010
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When an aggressive man (back in the days where women didn't have many rights before 1960s) and an unwilling woman to arrange a forced marriage, then shortly after its romanticized.

Basically things like "marriage will make an honest woman out of you" and bullshit like that
Her, (13 years old): John... please just listen to me! Please don't make us get a marriage! I'm not ready!
Him, (46 years old): MARY, WE GOTTA CLAMP DOWN.
by The penis puncher November 8, 2022
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