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An energetic boy who claims he's not gay with all of his power but then i write a gay fanfic abt him then him and the friend that was in the fanfic turn gay irl and all that claiming was useless.

Literall meaning: my gay forest-gremlin of a friend irl.
Me: hey Emmett, I heard Skyler slapped ur ass.
Emmett: yeh now im traumatized
Me: we all know you like it, stop pretending.
by The penis puncher November 8, 2022
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Those annoying anime kitty wolf demon hybrid girls on Roblox that always say "Dont touch my tail!" In the chat, or type it in their bio. They Do this only for attention, and they think it's "Cute". (This usually occurs in games like "Island Life Paradise")
Hybrid girls bio on roblox: half demon half wolf half cat half dragon uwu/has powers/Dont touch my tail owo!

Troll on roblox: *touches tail*

Hybrid girl: NOOOO!!! DONT TOUCH MY TAIL!!>:(

Hybrid girl: *Growls at you uwu*
by The penis puncher January 16, 2021
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When you search up words in the sex category on Urban Dictionary and they try to sell you this: "Get a love piston mug for your Mom-in-law Julia!"
Person 1: Reads definition of "love Piston"

Urban dictionary: Get a love piston mug for your sister linda

person 2: they are trying to sell you a Cursed Urban Dictionary mug lol
by The penis puncher January 16, 2021
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Another word for the vintage aesthetic "Coquette", usually used to make fun of it in a similar way to "farm emo".

The Coquette aesthetic embraces femininity with a 1960s-type vintage aesthetic, usually resulting in what you would see at your grandma's house.

So basically, Coquette looks like if you were to play Lana Del Rey on one of those really old record players with the horn thing and painted it pink and glued fake white roses on it. that's something you would deffinitely find at your grandma's dusty pale-pink house.
Person 1: OMG!!! That house looks soooo coquette <3
Person 2: nah fam, that's just my meemaws grandmacore house from 100 BC.
by The penis puncher March 13, 2023
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What you call someone (usually a child) When they are being spunky and quirky, or just all-around weird and funny.
by The penis puncher January 16, 2021
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When girls on tiktok's only humor is frogs, worms, commit arson, gay jokes and cults. Even though all of those *can* be funny, they are extremely overused.
Girl: lolz be gay do crime!1!! The tap water turns the frikin frogs gae!!!

Teacher: what does the letter A stand for?

Girl: Arson.

Boy: you're such an Arson Frog Girl.
by The penis puncher November 8, 2022
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When an aggressive man (back in the days where women didn't have many rights before 1960s) and an unwilling woman to arrange a forced marriage, then shortly after its romanticized.

Basically things like "marriage will make an honest woman out of you" and bullshit like that
Her, (13 years old): John... please just listen to me! Please don't make us get a marriage! I'm not ready!
Him, (46 years old): MARY, WE GOTTA CLAMP DOWN.
by The penis puncher November 8, 2022
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