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A girl that acts like your friend in front of you, then talks shit behind your back, a girl that's fake who thinks her presence is an honor to anyone she may come in contact with, A slut that has a nasty/diseased/STD-infected blue-waffle of a vagina.
Example 1: Lauren is such a CLAMCUNT! She acts like she's your best friend when none of her friends are around then she talks shit about you to everyone.

Example 2: I cannot believe she came to my party last night! She wasn't even invited! That fucking FAKE clamcunt bitch acted as if it was an honor to be in her presence, so I kicked her nasty ass out.

Example 3: Clamcunt AKA Lauren had sex with Jake. I'm surprised his dick didn't fall off yet...
by Tamir-K April 25, 2011
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