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A manwhore. Guy that jumps from clam to clam.
Did you guys hear about Dave? He slept with Amber, Jenny and Jennifer, he's such a clam jumper.
by khigga June 12, 2013
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A guy who sleeps with all his female friends...male equivalent of a "homie hopper"
Dude, your such a clam jumper! You've slept with almost every girl we know!
by Alice326 May 19, 2014
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one who has sex with many different women in a short amount of time.
Adam is such a clamjumper, he already boned every girl on the dance team.
by Adam Hay January 07, 2009
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Similar to "cock blocking". When a female prevents another female from making a male connection.
Lisa was about to get some sexy horizontal action until that clam jumper Betty showed up.
by micklette July 02, 2011
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