2 definitions by El Rocco

French word meaning "clear", "direct", "to the point", "no ambiguity".

Also: Geneviève
Tu ne peux pas être plus clair que Geneviève!
by El Rocco June 26, 2019
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Fuck fest february is just continuity to no nut november, destroy dick december and just jesus january. In fuck fest february you need to fuck 28 (or 29 if a leap year) times. Period. Not more, not less.

You can do it all in one day, once a day, with 28 different partners or with the same, doesn’t matter. Key word here is 28.
Girlfriend: Wanna do Fuck fest february honey?
Boyfriend: Sorry love, already took care of it this morning.
by El Rocco January 02, 2019
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