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Ckaya loves to rollerblade and loves cheesecake. She has a cascade of hair that is a harvest gold with stripes of bronze. Her eyes are a mellowing grey-blueish with dazzling starbursts and rays around her blackhole of a pupil. She has hips built for swinging. Her sense of humor is impeccable and she WILL make you laugh. Her voice is only as soothing as you want it to be. She will be shy at first, but if you can make her laugh you can make her open up. And when she does she will show you a really amazing side of herself. She is also very competitive. Finally, for all you single guys out there, if you manage to get with her, she is a very good kisser.
Bro, when Ckaya's around I just can't stop laughing!

Man, Ckaya knows how to have some FUN!
by Scott Fergy October 11, 2018
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She is mysterious and confusing, but is also funny and can make you laugh. She has beautiful blue eyes. She is a good friend and will never leave you in the rain. Her hair is a splendid gold, and is also a good hugger. If you look at her right, she is hot.
That is Ckaya it is so hot.
by Scott Fergy December 19, 2017
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