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Just about that best damn thing that has happened to Citrus County. Located in Inverness, where to famous Cooter Fest is held every year yee-haw.
Citrus High is one of the three high schools located in Citrus County and is by far the BEST. Our kids know how to party and how not to contract AIDS. They get along with everyone and can make anyone laugh.
one what school you go to?
two citrus high school
one awesome! wanna party?
by the_real_deal_pseudonym May 18, 2009
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Only the SHITTIEST school to ever exist. They give 0 fucks about their students, and it's filled with yee yee MFS. People enjoy waving the rebel flag (fuckin racists), and showing people their parents guns and calling them theirs.
If you're a liberal you will be eaten alive and will feel like your existence does not matter. Everyone's confused about their sexuality, and everyone likes to act ghetto. It's basically just a fucking school filled of stupidity and people who like to fight for no damn reason. If you go to CHS, you're most likely suicidal. fuck chs.
"yo what school you go to"
"yo man, citrus high school is cancerous to society."
by yxngdxggerdixk December 01, 2018
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