Crip way of saying bitch cause crips dont use b's
Yo I'm tired of these niggas and these lame citches
by Bootygangfloss January 21, 2018
Bitch with a “C” causeimma Crip.
“Shut up Citch”
“Citches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks
by wassupyall2022 January 1, 2022
A cunt and a bitch also known as someone who juuls cause fuck them
by Haggy121 August 1, 2019
A female cat is a citch.
A female dog is a bitch.

Don't be a citch.
A cuter way to call someone a citch and get away with it.

A citch is a word for people who are cat people who are bitchy.
You're such a citch.
by Apple DGAF December 2, 2021
A crip term for the word "bitch". Usually followed by the word "Cuhs"
-Aye, where the citches at Cuhs?!
-Fucc Chris, that nigga a citch cuhs.
by Samantha Marie Baker March 23, 2015
the perfect word to describes someone who is a cunt and a bitch. they have a bad attitude and probably would sleep with someone you know if you cross them.
yeah, she slept with my boyfriend because I ate her buffalo wild wings leftovers. what a citch.
by iheartdilfsnmilfs February 24, 2022