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⑨ /⑨ /0⑨ , also known asday, but more commonly used to refer to the day Cirno became supreme overlord of our planet, solely because she is THE STRONGEST IN ALL OF Gensokyo. CIRNO IS OUR OVERLORD. HAIL CIRNO.
Touhou fan #1: ⑨ /⑨ /0⑨ was the greatest day in history.
Touhou fan #2: Yeah, ⑨/ ⑨ /10 and ⑨ /⑨ /11 can never compare. Although they're pretty nice, the anniversary of our strongest overlord is quite a ⑨ ish event, you know.
Touhou fan #3: Happy Cirno Day, bakas! *spams danmaku*
Everyone: *dies* @_@
by Daiyousei September 09, 2011
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