Look for protection, get defensive, get ready for an attack; from the old west where the pioneers would circle their wagons for protection from the Indians.
Week 4 of the 08 season the Buffalo Bills came back from a losing first half, rallied their defense, and kicked the St. Louis Rams butts. They had to circle the wagons in the second half to come back and win.
by andrea04 October 2, 2008
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A defensive position taken by 4-5 cis males in a shower built for two whilst a horngry $a$$quatch paces from the toilet to the sink waiting to pick off the weakest pioneer...
As the $a$$quatch peered on from the woody bush, the wet and frightened men attempted to Circle the Wagons, nuts to butts, in an hopes to make it through the night...

In the morning the Princess Bubblegum Fluffy Mittens was gone...
by Myfartssmelllikepoop April 23, 2019
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Bringing your team back from sheer defeat to victory in heroic fashion.
When the Buffalo Bills (NFL franchise) "circle the wagons" to pull out a victory that was sure to be a defeat. (coined by Chris Bermen ESPN analyst) "Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills."
by Mister Apples March 22, 2008
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where you take three or four bunks in a prison cell, and put them in a circle or semi circle with sheets blocking whats going on inside. What happens inside is that two dozen inmates are raping the hell outta their bitch. I'm talking skull, ass, shoulder blades. It's not pretty
that mormon boy should have been someone's bitch cuz some inmates circled the wagons on him last night.
by dave January 18, 2005
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When 5 or more guys bang each other forming a circle of dicks in asses.
Look at those construction workers circling the wagons over there.
by durty .ik January 6, 2016
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