A cinnamon roll is a sweet, cute, oblivious, almost helpless person or character that has bad things happen to them
by Reetthefrog August 20, 2021
a sus youtuber who is addicted to dr pepper and stays up until 2 AM
I'm Katie and I have a green doll named Stanely the cinnamon roll!
by eat milk epicly July 12, 2021
Someone who hides they’re gooey sensitive interior inside crusty exterior. Acts like they aren’t sweet but really are. A wonderful friend. Always up for adventure and down for road trips to anywhere. Makes a lot of dad jokes. Some are funny.
Valerie is a magical cinnamon roll sword who is too good for this world
by Hernerbernerner May 7, 2018
A maple-cinnamon roll is a variant of the classic Cinnamon Roll. This type of cinnamon roll hails from Canada, as the name suggests.
Shawn Mendes is so sweet and precious. Basically a maple-cinnamon roll...because he's Canadian.
by thiam_trash April 9, 2018