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When you spoon a tablespoon full of freshly ground cinnamon in your anus hole in preparation for a rim job, then you wait until your lover is betwixt your cheeks and 3 licks deep, and you release a cinnamon laden fart, thus creating a tiny cinnamon cloud in your lovers face.
Joe: "Yo, you wanna grab a beer tonight?"

Ted: "Sorry bro, I'm squeezing my cheeks together right now for an epic CinnaPuff that i'm going to release all over the bridge of Becky's nose tonight."

cinnamon queef fart anus cinnamon facial fart dust cinnamon ring rim job
by Lord Licorice September 06, 2014
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1. cinnapuff; an amazing person, who laughs a lot. Has tons of fun all the time. Enjoys cinnamon.

2. cinnapuffs; 2 bestfriends who have a blast all the time, they laugh more than usuall friends always are on the edge of peeing there pants.
2 bestfriends hanging out and start laughing. They like cinnamon, they play games like eating a spoonfull of cinnamon and watching it puff from their mouths, causing them to laugh at the cinnamon puffs, combined= cinnapuff
by the good the bad the ugly April 02, 2009
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