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A man who must be home by midnight for any one of a variety of reasons or he will face serious consequences
Dan: Dude its 1145, I gotta get out of here and take my medicine or I'll pass out.

Mike: You are such a Cinderfella
by budlightdraft June 04, 2015
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Used to describe a buddy who is whooped by his wife/girlfriend and can't be out too late with his friends. If he should stay out past designated curfew, he will come home to extremes bitchiness.
Eric: Where's Chris? He didn't finish his beer.
Ben: The wife said he had to be home by 10pm.
Eric: He's such a cinderfella
by RiddyTX June 09, 2015
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a guy who cleans all the time.
a man-bitch you make clean up all the time either just because, or in payment of booze, food, and other things he mooches off you.
mike is my cinderfella because hes broke and i'm lazy!
by groupie#1 September 25, 2006
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A hard working man who is some times push way too hard. He has two step brother that treated him like dirt now he has a beautiful wife, and his evil step dad is at that stupid house with his stupid kids looking stupid
Jeff: you sure are a Cinderfella!
by briannaluvsupeople June 10, 2015
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A man who is cleaning the kitchen, is down on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor with a rag and cleaning product.
"Yeah I had to clean the kitchen BIG time yesterday. I had to perform my Cinderfella duties!"
by bass-player Chris December 15, 2013
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A combonation of cinderella and fella (meaning Male)
1.A homsexual male
2. A Cross dresser
3.A guy you deem to be a wuss
"I dont wanna get hurt!"
"Dont be a wuss,are you a cinder-fella or something?"
by 2345432545324534332455435454 August 16, 2007
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A transsexual that looks decidedly doggy - and masculine - after midnight
Damn, Cinderfella is 2 hours past his bedtime!
by Anti-Septic November 09, 2015
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