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The Chwezi are well known to both Africans and anthropologists in general as a mysterious lot that once walked the Great Lakes region, teaching the rest of the people advanced forms of governance, technology, trade and magick. After this, well, they just vanished into oblivion (some claim, they all chose to drown into the great lakes at once?) Up to now, scholars and natives alike, have never fully unraveled the mysterious case of these people, and perhaps, the puzzle might never be adequately solved.

But, today, the term is used to mean someone who is being plain mysterious or difficult to understand, yet they are providing filling some much-needed role to you or society in general.
Son: Mum, you said he pays our rent?
Mum: Yes, it's him.
Son: But, you say you don't know his real name, nor what he does for a living?
Mum: He's Chwezi.
by nemesisfixx August 17, 2016
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