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Refering to the old 1 to 10 Hot Scale. Chwelve (refering to the number 12) indicates a very attractive person.
ohh, look at a her... shes very chwelve!
by Rami 403 M November 26, 2007
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Chwelve is a lifestyle that started in Utah County. Before and after plays members of the chwelve ( usually male although some female members have recently been added) use their secret hand signals and form a circle as they recite words known only to those in the Chwelve.
The Chwelve have a president, elections are not held,but the president chooses his replacement at a Mask and Gavel feast.
Chwelve is everywhere, members of the chwelve are now from Asia to Latin America.
Note : 11 ( the ani-chwelve) is believed to have moved to Japan and is believed to have begun to spread his evil plans.
This is an example of Chwelve used in speech.

"They are ChChwelve hours in the day"
"Chwelve angry men ran around on stage"
by Omaralif Chwelve May 21, 2006
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