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An individual that takes an immense amount of coercion to begin any activity relating to their professional or personal lives. Notable motivators for these individuals often include alcohol, drugs and time away from work. Monetary incentives seem to fail in the motivation of said group, as they often perceive money to be more of a corporate evil than applicable tool. Chuits are often procrastinators who favor themselves as experts on non-remarkable issues of social normalcy, such as kickball, hockey, vintage video game systems, etc. The Chuit is an ally of the Hipster, and subsequent identification between the two can be difficult (especially with varying degrees of the Hipster dress code). Chuits have also been likened to freeloaders, with a differentiation in the ability to own their own automobiles and/or permanent place of residence.
Allen: Sup chuit?
Steve: Why you gotta call me that?
Allen: Cause you don't get off your ass for anything unless it involves becoming intoxocated with free booze.
Steve: True that.
by Yogi the Witness June 12, 2013
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