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Orginally a childrens television programme , the word has now been adopted as a form of negative Scottish slang. It can be used as in isult or as a negative term to describe someone/something.
Girl 1: Who's that ? Did you invite him to the party?

Girl 2: I have no idea who he is , he's just turned up.

Girl 1: I hate gatecrashers , he's such a chuggington.
by vickydoll#1 February 03, 2013
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A mythical creature that poses as a woman that has sucked you dry of semen, yet still continues to try and deep throat your dick, resulting in the detachment of ones dick.
Did you hear about Tommy? Went out last night and got a blowie from a girl and ended up in the hospital. How? Heard she was a real life chuggington!!! (Cringe)
by Kevin Wolfe March 02, 2017
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