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Chucking a Corey occurs when an individual condemns an act that they initially encouraged with the intention of destructive comedic pursuit. This phenomenon is also thought to be self-sustaining as it can only be ceased after the condemner has brutally abused an individual beyond the point of psychological moronism. Problems can often arise if the mentality becomes osmotic within the mob mentality and several Coreyโ€™s are spawned within the same tribal group.
Although still unknown, masculinity (and its inherent lack of), is thought to be the biggest cause of Chucking a Corey.
Corey: (at party) You're so weak, you're not even drinking, you never drink!!

Other person: Yeh you're right! *gets a beer*

Corey: Dude why are you always drinking for? You don't need to drink to have fun...(chucking a corey)
by The Chronicle of Definitions September 11, 2010
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The act of calling in sick to work when you are in fact not sick at all.
Corey: Sorry I can't come into work, I keep fainting every 2 days.
Boss: stop chucking a Corey.
by Simone95 January 18, 2018
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