When someone takes the day of school/work, claiming "Sickness" when they are not sick.
Mostly used by Australian Students who have a test or assignment due.
Teacher: Philip?
Philip: Here
Teacher: Jack
Philip: He decided to chuck a sickie, Sir.
by #TrustEngineers August 6, 2018
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To stay home from work or school pretending to be sick. (NOTE: Not to be confused with the Japanese "Chakuseki", meaning sit down).
Mike: Man, I don't want to go to work. I might just chuck a sickie.
by Dave McElfatrick June 13, 2015
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Used in Australia. Means to take a day off sick from work when you are fine.
Mate, I couldn't be arsed going to work today. I might chuck a sickie.
by mizshadii April 28, 2007
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Call in to work or skip school and opt out for a sick day whether you're sick or not.
After hitting up the club and the Waffle House, I decided to chuck a sickie so I could stay home and chill.
by Marsha G. White December 2, 2007
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chucking a sickie is where you call in work or school and say your sick when you're fine. its not australian, its english slang and i hate how people always confuse australian slang with english slang.
ahh mate im well sick of school, i might chuck a sickie tomorrow
by mickeybuff December 3, 2007
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The Australian term for taking a day off work when you're not sick.
Hey dude do you want to chuck a sicky tomorrow and go skiing?
by philbosh February 9, 2018
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