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If you stomach is too large (most common for "beer bellies"), you may opt to tuck it into your pants to hide it. This leaves a clearly defined outline of the stomach overhanging.
Ethan had put on quite a lot of weight in the past few years, so when he went on his big date he decided to go with a formal chub n' tuck.
by wh1t3h34d May 01, 2015
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The 'Chub n' Tuck' is an art that is so sacred to fashion, it is not portrayed in the media to avoid it being soiled. The Art of the Chub n' Tuck is where one carefully tucks their FUPA into their pants, traditionally to hide said FUPA. Although a bold fashion statement nowadays, done for recreational purposes, in the Stone Age, the cavemen used to Chub n' Tuck to hide their FUPA in their loincloths to seem more attractive to mates.
Ethan: Wow I don't wanna screw up my business meeting, I should go in with a bold Chub n' tuck
by xINTELL July 11, 2017
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