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Someone in a position of so much power that when their depersonalization (derealization) anxiety symptoms present (and in this case present all the time) they put at risk all life on Earth.

A disconnected person. Unable to understand the impact of their actions. Self-absorbed and grandiose. Percieves the world as it presents itself to them, reacts only to perceived threats to their sense of ego.

Has no inner humane bearings or insight and is capable of the most profound, permanent grievous harm to flora, fauna and planet in order to placate the sense of harm even the tiniest slight a selfish petty childish inner-self absorbed delusional psyche might perceive.
Donald Trump's vindictive, spoilt and mendacious approach to the US presidency questions every level of integrity the US holds; democracy, global leader, capitalism and a nation governed by the principals of justice. And while destroying the constitution (and possibly the world) the chrunt just sits in the oval office every night eating cheeseburgers and watching television to see who's talking about him.
by Slugbat May 19, 2018
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A pure gamer, sweet at life, slightly stoned in appearance.

Alternative Spellings: Kruntz, Chr1s
Person 1: Hey dude James just raped me in CoD 5

Person 2: Yeah he's a Chrunts

Person 1: Woah Shit.
by timtimay March 19, 2009
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Mix between a cunt and a girl you strongly dislike.
Used most likely in front of them without them realizing they are getting insulted with a group of friends.
Sarah: Omh look at Chrisstina,I cannot believe she is wearing that,what a slut.

Britney: Yeah She Is Such A Chrunt.
by Eilhsa December 10, 2009
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