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A subgenre of exploitation film that focuses overtly on Christian themes and seeks to relay a religious agenda in favor of Christianity (sometimes even a specific denomination there-of) to the point of being propaganda. Films usually involve themes of patriotism, traditionalism, conservative values, depictions of Christians as an oppressed minority class, non-Christians portrayed as either non-existent or morally bankrupt, insane troll logic used to justify the protagonists, etc.
With the boom of Pure Flix and Kirk Cameron films like "God's Not Dead", "Old Fashioned" and "Fireproof", we are facing a new wave of mainstream Christploitation cinema.
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by The Logical Fallacy June 03, 2017
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Relentless exploitation of any kind of religion for monetary gain, used with christ because christianity is the religion it's most used with
by Taylor Webb February 25, 2004
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How a misguided person might describe a beautiful cinematic depiction of the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ, which got two thumbs up from Ebert and Roper, not to mention one thumb up from the late Pope John Paul II.
Not surprisingly, the knee-jerk Catholic hater termed Mel Gibson's fine film 'Christploitation'.
by Circushead June 28, 2006
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