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An American author and former philosophy professor who is best known for her writings on and criticism of modern feminism. Two of her most notable books are “Who Stole Feminism?” and “The War on Boys”. She is also known for coining the terms "equity feminist" and "gender feminist." The former being about having equal legal rights between men and women, while the latter is having a gynocentric view on society, which is usually synonymous with hating men. Sommers considers herself an equity feminist and is critical of gender feminism. In 2013, she was awarded the Exceptional Merit in Media Award by the National Women's Political Caucus, founded by Gloria Steinem.

Feminists and social justice warriors have accused Sommers of being anti-feminist and a right-wing, misogynist. Sommers responded with a tweet reading; "Some critics denounce me as 'right-winger.' Fact: Former sixties flower child/socialist. Now (registered) Democrat -- with libertarian leanings.” Ironically, most of her supporters tend to identify as antifeminist or egalitarian, rather than feminist. Sommers also hosts a video blog, "The Factual Feminist," in which she discusses the latest issues involving feminism with credible sources to back up her claims. She is also a supporter of GamerGate, a group of people within the gaming industry against unethical behavior and radical beliefs being forced into the mainstream. Many have given her the nickname "Based Mom" as a sign of respect.
Christina Hoff Sommers brings up a great deal of interesting and factual information regarding feminism in modern-day society.
by spootyhead May 19, 2016
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