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Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD) is a Christian organization dedicated to denouncing the existence of dinosaurs. They are well known for using science to debunk the existence of dinosaurs in their Facebook Group and through several educational YouTube videos.

The actual members of the organization tend to shy away from turning to Biblical reasoning for their beliefs and prefer to use scientific facts, studies and data when explaining their stance on dinosaurs. Most of the members are highly educated, often holding advanced degrees in various fields of science, paleontology and geology from prestigious universities.

Christians Against Dinosaurs originated online as a Facebook Group back in early 2013 and has been covered by various news publications including The Inquisitr, CNET, Mirror, UPROXX, Daily Mail and ABC News.
That online Christians Against Dinosaurs group just got covered in the news again. For a bunch of Christians they do make a convincing argument that dinosaurs may have not existed.
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by Dr_Chauncey_Siemens September 30, 2016
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