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the belief of christianity and wiccans mixed.
people say its impossible, but from the bible we see, people usuing 'magik' to heal. Some christain-wicca's believe diffrent thing. But both belive that there are two forms of magic 'sympathetic magic' which is prayer and a more 'physical magic' which is sacrifices or herbs.
some believe in reincanation, some don't. some believe that the triple goddesses are the trinity, and some believe that the triple goddesses where sent down by God to guide us.
its not a stupid thing, its reasonable and its not fast growing its discreet, but its mainly about love and what you believe in. we don't have laws like chritianity or wiccans, we just stretch out.
wiccan: may the horned god bless you
Christian:may Jesus forgive you
christian-wicca: aww thanks guys! =
by Blehh blu blah February 08, 2009
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Christian Wicca is an ever growing religion which teaches the principals of both Wicca and Christianity. Wicca is an earth-based religion in which its followers worship nature in all of its aspects: both feminine and masculine (the God and the Goddess). Wicca teaches tolerance for all and love for everyone and everything.
Christianity teaches us about our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ and about how he died so that we may join our heavenly Father when we die. Anyone who truly believes in Jesus will be saved.
Both religions are based on love and forgiveness for ALL; whether or not we believe they deserve it. Christian Wicca is a more sensitive and 'user-friendly' version of Evangelism.
Religion: Christian Wicca.

I am a Christian-Wiccan.
by Eloise August 28, 2005
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a stupid made up religion where christian's try and take over the wiccan religion. like everything else they take or make up it is really shitty. the principle's of wicca and christianity are too diffrent to co-exsist seeing as how christian's tried to wipe out this religion in the middevil aera.
christian: im christian wicca i believe in god and godess. or jesus and god ? wait now im confused by my retarded fake religion !

wicca: wtf ? that's impossible get a life you retarded world wreaker !
by nakoma July 31, 2006
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Made up by hell bent Wiccans, in order to ease their fears that the witchcraft they practise will send them to hell.
Thus the need to also include Jesus, just in case the goddess they believe in is evil and they can cry out they were confused on Judgement Day
Trish was a Christian Wicca which in other words was a hypocrite as people cannot serve two masters.
Thus her stupid mixing of faiths is sending her to hell.
by Glenn.G August 06, 2006
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Christian Wicca (Trinitarian Wicca) is the practice of Wicca, in worship to the God and Goddess of normal Wiccan belief. Contrary to what people say we do not worship the Christian god. The Trinitarian Wiccan accepts Christian morals as good morals and tries to live in harmony with them but does not actually believe in Their Lord Jesus Christ. In fact we don’t claim to be Christian at all. We are just one of many many types of Wicca.
Christian: Praise Jesus!
Traditional Wiccan: An it harm none, do what you will!
Christian Wiccan: An it harm none, do what you will! (Hugs a Christian cause he doesn’t hate them like a traditional Wiccan)
by Kaosiel May 08, 2018
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