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Christian Wicca is an ever growing religion which teaches the principals of both Wicca and Christianity. Wicca is an earth-based religion in which its followers worship nature in all of its aspects: both feminine and masculine (the God and the Goddess). Wicca teaches tolerance for all and love for everyone and everything.
Christianity teaches us about our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ and about how he died so that we may join our heavenly Father when we die. Anyone who truly believes in Jesus will be saved.
Both religions are based on love and forgiveness for ALL; whether or not we believe they deserve it. Christian Wicca is a more sensitive and 'user-friendly' version of Evangelism.
Religion: Christian Wicca.

I am a Christian-Wiccan.
by Eloise August 28, 2005
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The term "sweet sixteen" actually refers to a person (usually female) who is turning 16 who has been kissed...though nowadays it's probably more relevant to people who havn't had sex...
I hear she's sweet sixteen...makes you feel sorry for her...
by Eloise April 24, 2006
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Christian TV ads advertising salvation for the low price of $39.95 per-month (plus $19.95 postage and handling).

See also evangelism
Televangelism: "Send me money or you're all going to hell. Amen!"

Jesus save me *from your deciples*
by Eloise January 09, 2006
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