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1. An oxymoron.

2. Not hardcore at all, not even slightly hardcore
person1: dude i just ate 5 jam sandwiches!
person2: dude thats so christian hardcore

person1: i just knitted me sum socks!
person2: sounds christian hardcore
by shewlase October 24, 2009
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Only the best music ever. True hardcore is music that screams with the passion and conviction of a soul that was in the depths of despair and is now released but still is persecuted. Hardcore lyrics are amazing.
Nodes of Ranvier, As I lay Dying, Underoath, Blindside(older stuff), Mewithoutyou, Emery(kind of), most stuff on Solid State some tooth and Nail. These are all good examples of Christian hardcore
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"What are you listening to?"
"Christian hardcore"
"Oh, is it any good?"
"Take a listen my metal head friend"
"Wow! These guys have actual LYRICS! They don't just scream into a mic, well they do that too sometimes, but they generally make SENSE! From now on, I'm listening to CHRISTIAN metal!"
by Link Gray August 29, 2007
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yes, it does exist.
underoath anyone? pretty much best screamo band out there.
see also flyleaf.
superduper person- hi i like christian hardcore/screamo.

oh sweet angel of mercy with your grace like the morning
wrap your loving arms around me.
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