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Chris is aYouTube Chanel who argues with feminism and other such bullshit, famous for drinking bleach that one time. He also has a stuffed lama named Paul and a slave named tom, both of which are better then him. He mostly dose his videos in a overly sarcastic manner, acting like a prick, but a lovable prick. He is also god of chair rolls, just trust me on this
"Linch me from the fucking snowflakes " Chris ray gun 2016
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by Dr "fuck off" green February 13, 2018
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A phrase used to refer to a single person who exists as a subset of "Schrodinger's Douchebag" whereby the person making the bigoted statements retreats from their stance and obscures their politics with the excuse that they were "just joking," except that in the case of the "Chris Ray Gun" the individual does so continuously, usually for a living (i.e. as their primary source of income). "Chris Ray Guns" make blogs, articles, internet videos, and even music or other art with the express intention of using edgy and humor to defend reactionary political stances and ridicule progressive stances. A necessary quality of the Chris Ray Gun is that they reinforce bigotry, usually by using slurs as insults while simultaneously arguing against civil rights, all because they think they're being funny.

Sometimes abbreviated to "C.R.G." and not to be confused with the common proper noun and first name "Chris."
"Have you seen the latest Chris Ray Gun video?"

"Yeah, that guy has some problems."
by NiceQueen August 14, 2017
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