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A C.R.G is a crazy ridiculous girl. C.R.G's are quite often giggly and absolutely ridiculous. They usually act this way to attract the attention of boys that attain their interest. The actions made by C.R.G's often turn off the boy of interest doing exactly the opposite of what the girl wants. A German girl really likes this guy so she attempts to woo him by body tackling him into a bush ( bad idea). Unless this guy is into girls being extremely physical and loves pain he will not like this and as usual the C.R.G's actions will stop any chance of the sought after boy to gain interest in the C.R.G. Sometimes a C.R.G will even utter the word "yole". This is a bad idea because it represents how desperate the girl has become. The German C.R.G that was mentioned earlier uttered the word "yole" when she was being ignored by the sought after boy. Once this aweful noisy word was uttered (along with some fake crying) The boy became so turned off that he froze up and went into a coma. This is an extreme case and does not happen every time the word is said, but it does show that any kind of injury or illness can be contracted after the word is spoken. So to all you C.R.G's out there, please refrain from saying the word "yole"!
Yikes! Jessica is such a C.R.G!
by Robinovitch October 17, 2010
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A well known hunter from PSO whos full name is "Cool Ranger Guy" and is one of the weirdest hunters out in the world of ragol whos really afraid of HyperAmy and talks and sings like Ricky Martin no joke!
"Man look at ricky martin he reminds me of CRG!"
by HS7 August 11, 2003
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