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1 Is that tired feeling brought on by heavy intoxication, its falling asleep at inappropriate times; times when falling asleep should be last thing you want to do, wedding speeches being a perfect example.

2 To be in a state of extreme intoxication in which social interaction is limited to grumbles and murmurs.

Synonym: Chowed, Chowdoged,

Antonym: Skuxed, Midged, Meyed, Nicely done.
Anagram: Debouch wreck.

Pig Latin: owbuckerchay
1. What was that noise? Oh its was Amandas head hitting the wall, she fell asleep. What! During Lous speech? Yeah she's chowbuckered
2. How Chowbuckered were you last night!
by Midge Miyagi October 11, 2013
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