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i hope one day we all move into a mansion and have chomes house...
by lydiogames September 16, 2017
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chome: Yea right, bull shit.
Meaning you have said something that seems unbelievable even if you are telling the truth
Mark: "Hey you guys i just got a new car"
Tony: "Chome nigga, You aint about it"

Jack: Yo i just cuffed Yo chick.
Andy: Nigga chome, you aint do shit
by Kaydubs July 27, 2010
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To steal or take something that is not yours.
“Dude, you totally just chomed that bike
“I’m gonna go chome some shit
by JahJaw October 10, 2017
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Receiving fellatio at any given time. In other words getting head, brain, dome etc.
Keven whats the best thing about being with Vanessa? She gives good Chome John.
by jboy10 January 28, 2011
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something that is not good, or annoying.
if you're chomin' you are totally baked.
Dude! you're so chome!
Man, we're sooo chomin'!
by E-reY May 19, 2006
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