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Something so funny, bizzare, or outrageous that it stops being funny and becomes CHOMEDY.
1. Oh my god, my Guinea Pig doing the crip walk was CHOMEDY.
2. That film The Burbs is pure CHOMEDY.
3. Dude, you remember when we made that fat chick do the truffle shuffle for cheesecake? CHOMEDY.
by Genocide April 16, 2004
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An event that occurs in which something is SO FUNNY that it surpasses the rules and regulations of comedy, and becomes CHOMEDY. Often times, when something chomical happens, the person witnessing the event will scream, flail their arms, kick their legs, jump, throw something, or a combination of the 5 because it's the only thing that they can think to do to express how they feel. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the unnoficial King of Chomedy.
Verbal example.

Mitchell: Hey Kyle you gotta get over here, Rizzo's in the backyard rubbing mud all over himself and he's shouting "COME ON!!! COME ON!!! KILL ME I'M HERE KILL ME!!!"
Kyle: Are you serious? (Screams, and throws phone) That's Chomedy!
by Kyle Ligenza March 01, 2008
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