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*After poo-ing a person gets fucked in the ass and their partner (fucker) has the person's (fuckie) left over shit from poo-ing before getting ass fucked ^-^...

or a Slime Mold Protist
Pedro- Dude last night was terrible
Dan-Why, i thought you were ganna fuck that girl in her big juicey ass ^-^..
Pedro-I did and it felt Wonderful, but she made me get a Chocolate Tube >_<
Dan-Damn dude that Trifilling #^-^#...
Pedro-I Know... Ugh Never again
Dan-Well i told you not to do that with the school Whore..
Pedro- I know i know, but her fucking big juicey ass was just calling my name!!
by Eris_Mars April 12, 2011
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can be used to describe the bullhole but also can be described as having anal sex
" that girl does it up the chocolate tube"

"last ngiht we decided to do it chocolate tube style"
by A Person From Derby May 05, 2007
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