When you eat out another person's butt
guy 1: eww you gave that girl a chocolate malt?
guy 2: i wasnt expecting the chocolate, man!
by papapoop April 24, 2009
After having anal sex and you cum in her ass she shits in to a bowl and eats it with a spoon
I was fucking Desiree in the ass and busted in her ass, she then shit in a bowl and then ate it with a spoon making it The Chocolate Malt
by drunknhi May 13, 2009
When you're turtle heading a turd, but also want to have anal. So the turd gets yoyo-ed up and down your anal cavity only to explode out on completion
I really needed to shit but he came at me with the lube and I couldn't say no, but I ended up doing a chocolate malted turtle all over his dick
by Snarf snarf January 19, 2016