A sufferer of long COVID-19. Symptoms include swelling of the nose, central eyebrow clenching and gingeritis.
Steer clear of him - he's a Chivvy19!
by Renster24 December 07, 2020
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To nag someone to do something.
He wished his mother didn't chivvy him to get out of bed.
by Karakorak April 29, 2015
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Word used by rude boi nd gurls in da saaaouth meanin wicked, slammin, or summat dat is great fun!
Dat party was proper chivvy last night!
Me and ma cru iz goin to dat chivvy nu club in taawn 2nite
by Helen Heinz November 09, 2004
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a word to describe a quiet chav
that chav aint spoken in a while, shes a right chivvy chavvy
by Ge xx June 01, 2007
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