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Someone who is actively chirpsing someone else, ie. one who chirpses another. Especially refers to flirtatious type who thinks they are a bit smooth with the opposite sex.
In a random spate of semantic extension can also be used in the absence of remembering another noun; ie. where are the goddamn chirpsinators?
'Oh my word, he is the ultimate chirpsinator.'

Amusing to replace words of songs, eg. Usher:
'You should let me chirps you, be the one to chirps you, give you everything you want and chirps.'
by Naomi H November 13, 2006
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1) Male species: A chirpsinator refers to someone who is 'smoove like crackerbread'. This breed of the male species will woo a lady with a charming turn of phrase, bed her and move onto the next vunerable target.
2) Inanimate object: Chirpsinator replaces the formerly popular schweps. Once the name of an object has escaped one's brain (generally said person's swede is decaying due to vodka consumption) chirpsinator might be employed. Please note chirpsinator is used in the vast majority for the remote/tweezers.
Chirpsinator: This ain't gonna suck itself
Retort: Get your mum or chirps it then.
by Goonies November 13, 2006
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