Of or relating to someone who's drunken image is different from that of their sober.
He seems like a normal guy but on New Years he was completely chiral. Luckily new years comes only once a year.
by chiral guy April 9, 2011
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The act or practice of keeping one in suspense, especially with erotic undertones.

A stripper would be a “chiralist”, for example. The Japanese “panty shot” is probably the best example of why this term comes to us from the land of the rising sun. The word itself, though, is of unknown origin. It appears in the song D-City Rock by Teddyloid from the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt soundtrack.

The word 'tease' is also similar to chiralism, but does not fully encompass the idea; chiralism is not always intentional.
This strip club has owned the art of chiralism; they show you a little skin, and leave you wanting more! Tease seduce fan service
by magicstorm101 March 3, 2016
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Dr. Huntimer's demonstration of chirality prompted the class to exclaim, "AWKWARD TURTLE!"
by Sororstitute October 5, 2010
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