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Chiniba is a free of service avatar community build around Ball Joint Dolls, BJD. Use to be but became after some issues with the host. It was created in April of 2008.

It has members around the world that come together to talk about anime, life, games, BJDs, and just about everything and to create a wonderful avatar of their own. Members get items for their avatar by buying items with buttons and marbles.

Members earn buttons, Chiniba's currency, by playing games and posting. Marbles is another form of currency of Chiniba. Donating to Chiniba earns marbles. Exchange rate of $1 = 1 marble. Marbles are tradeable to other Chiniba users and are used to buy the monthly items that Chiniba produces.

The community is nice with very little spammers, scammers, trolls, etc.
The moderators and administrators are fast at removing posts and/or members that break the rules.
"Were you on Chiniba last night?"
"Yeah! I had a lot of fun! I got new ideas for my Ball Joint Doll!"
"That is cool! I don't like BJDs that much but it is still a great place to chat!"
by Fallen Chaos Kitten March 08, 2009
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