Fuck ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Chinga means “fuck” and migra is short for “inmagracion” or “immigration” (in English) and refers to immigration personal perceived to have to power to arrest and deport people (ex. ICE) ....together “Chinga la Migra” is used to say just that.. FUCK ICE!
Six children have died in border patrol custody in less than 7 months while trying to seek asylum and refuge-boarded in over crowded cages, separated from their parents/families and forbidden access to medical care, food, water, and adequate shelter- which instead cost them their lives. This must stop! CHINGA LA MIGRA!!!
by Bacon dick October 21, 2019
a phrase used among hispanics in areas near to the US Mexico border. "Chinga" has a roughly equivalent definition to "fuck." La Migra is the border patrol. Often used among deportees.
"I got picked up the night before payday. Chinga la migra."
by hacerle la lucha April 25, 2006
a phrase of hispanic origin used primarily by illegal immigrants and white kids who think that it's funny. Chinga la migra translates to "Fuck the police." Also "Fuck the border patrol."
Diego: What are you doing back in Juarez, Manolo?

Manolo: I got picked up by la migra, ese, the day before payday.

Diego: Man, Chinga la migra. Pinche putos.
by El Ojo May 16, 2006