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Not for those who can't live dangerously. Eating a fortune cookie whole, fortune and all, thus causing your fortune to come true without knowing what it is, you are playing roulette with your fortune.
Co-Worker 1: Did you see what Jeff just did?
Co-Worker 2: No, what happened?
Co-Worker 1: He just played Chinese Roulette at our christmas party.
Co-Worker 2: Wow, that dude lives dangerously.
by sXeSokol December 15, 2010
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Buying heroin, fentanyl or dilaudid off the street, which could either be good pharmaceutical grade or could be some of the killer crap China's sending over by the containerload.
Carson died? How? - Played Chinese roulette at the grad party, man. Never woke up.
Ima play me some Chinese roulette, my back hurting so bad.
by PracticalPainiac June 16, 2018
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