3 definitions by enlightened hippie breeder

1. Term used by drunk dumbass friends of "his" to describe the pizza after the cheese falls off it.
2. Also used in scenarios to confuse people.
example one:
dweeb: You want some chinese pizza?

example two:
dweeb's sister: What are you doing?
dweeb: Chinese pizza
dweeb's sister: Why are you being an asshole?
dweeb: Chinese pizza
dweeb's sister: you are such an ass
dweeb: I'm mexican. I want some chinese pizza!!
dweeb's sister: seriously, go to hell
dweeb: I'm canadian. chinese pizza!
it is a stupid example of pointless typing practice
as useful as typing "computer" a thousand times over
no matter how many times you practice, you'll never type "z" very efficiently
so give it up
try typing things that matter
... please don't fire me big boss man
... I'm sorry I lit your house on fire
... electrostatic shock is a serious concern for hackers the world over
the pre-cursor to pop-under ads
when I closed the browser I found a thousand pop-under ads