When a complete asshole fucks you out of a situation becoming ignorant to you.
Waiting paitenly for room to move into the parking spot in a crowded mall parking lot near Christmas, some asshole did a chinease bullrush and dicked me out of my parking spot.
by Mike the Antichrist January 30, 2009
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when the driver and the passanger stop the car and run around and switch seats before the light changes
i was 10 and driving with my dad. we saw a cop so we stopped at the light and pulled a chinease fire drill
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
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When a rope is tied to a boulder, that is pushed out a window, is also tied to 1 testicle. Then when the man jumps out the window to save his testicle, he notices another rope tied to his other testicle, which is tied to his door knob in his room. He then fall to a very painfull death.
Alex likes the Chinease torture test.
by \m/ (>.<) October 4, 2003
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