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The greatest, most delicious product to ever be produced by a chipotle. An ordinary burrito, wrapped in two tortillas with cheese in between them. In other words, a burrito within a quesadilla. CHINCEPTION. It has twice the food, twice the deliciousness, and the best part is they only charge you for the burrito.

Usually met with some confusion by workers, but if you're persistent, they'll always come through.

Etymology: Chipotle + Inception = Chi-inception = Chinception
A burrito within a quesadilla? Bwaaaaaah. CHINCEPTION
by Fclub4 May 28, 2011
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A chin within a chin. Multiple chins on a single person.

A cannibalistic Chinese person who has eaten another Chinese person.
Woah, that fat guy over there has some major Chinception going on!

That Chinese person should not have eaten that other Chinese person; Chinception is wrong and illegal.
by Krimson Chin March 18, 2011
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