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See chicom. synonym: Red Chinese. It also can just refer to the anything Chinese and communist.
Norinco, a Chinared firearms manufacture is notorious for stealing already made and copyright protected designs of other guns, renaming them, and selling them, despite that they do not have permission from the designers. Such stolen designs include: the AKM, M1 Garand, M16, M4, M14, Remington M870, Uzi, Beretta, all sig sauer pistols, RPK, G3A3,svd dragunov, etc etc etc etc etc
by Merchant August 06, 2005
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China reds are your eyes after smoking a fat blunt. You can also call someone a china red when they look toasted.
*two kids walk in a circle k*
Clerk: Look at these china reds...
by unknown_dude420 January 19, 2018
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