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A chin commonly found on the extremely obese, and appears to continue on down to the person's chest. Also see no-neck.
Ex 1) Damn that dude has a Chin-eck!

Ex 2) Person 1: "Hey man, check out that chick!"
Person 2: "That fat bitch, man she has a Chin-eck!"
Both: (Mass laughter)
by Kev9812 June 30, 2006
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This is defined when a fat chick's chin continues to her chest without any visual indication of her neck. It looks like her neck threw-up to form her face and head but didn't form her neck ratheR, just a bunch of rolls. In other words, it's a chick you don't need to deal with because she is way too fat to do anything with or wear out.
Debbie downer is a fat slob with has a chineck thus she don't get any play but Fatty Patty works out and has a well formed and defined neck.
by Tastoy December 06, 2007
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when your chin merges with your neck (think cankles but with your neck and chin)
ong look at felicity's chineck...she has no neck!! its been engulfed by her chineck
by andie pandie panda December 05, 2005
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A merge between the chin and the neck, usually in larger people, where you cannot tell where one ends and the other begins.
Paul really needs to lose weight. I can't stand to see his chineck anymore!
by Mr. Frazier May 18, 2011
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