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A make-shift hut (usually a cardboard box) constructed by Boodoo Chilli's (ref Boodoo Chilli) as a temporary shelter.
Boodoo Chilli 1: "It's freezin' bro, let me in your chilli bin!"
Boodoo Chilli 2: "You got a smoke?"
Boodoo Chilli 1: "Nah"
Boodoo Chilli 2: "Then get outta here ya homeless ****!"
by Doomy_Aus August 15, 2006
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The equivalent to a β€˜cooler’
Dude #1: Cuz don’t forget to put some beers in the chilli bin.
Dude #2: don’t worry cuz, already done
by Kia ora June 07, 2018
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